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Understanding nonverbal expression

Understanding Nonverbal Expression of a Child with Autism

There are different types of children with autism; verbal, nonverbal, physically challenged and so on. Their way of expression is also different. Sometimes, if they cannot express their mind to anybody, they show it in the form of anger, shouting, screaming, throwing tantrum etc. If we can understand them properly, then it is somehow easier to manage him/her. That is why the doctors and therapists always tell that we need to understand autism and then to understand our child properly. So, understanding the nonverbal expression of a child with autism is prime importance.

Mahi's Talents & Skills

How to Utilize Talents and Skills of Autistic Individuals

Most of the individuals with autism have some latent talents and skills in some particular fields. The parents need to find out and utilize those latent talents and skills to make them self-dependent. If the talents of the autistic ...
Mahi's Friendship with Moutushi

Friendship in the Life of an Autistic Individual

Friendship is an essential part of human life. Every individual needs friends to pass their life as a social entity. But my autistic child Mahi, like many other autistic individuals, is incapable of making and maintaining friendship.
Victims of Baromile massacre

Baromile Massacre during the Liberation War of Bangladesh

Baromile massacre was one of the brutal mass killings by the Pakistan Army at the onset of the liberation war of Bangladesh. On May 26, 1971, 17 (seventeen) innocent inhabitants of the two villages, Bidirpur and Sekherpara were ...
Role of the father

Role of the Father in the Development of Autistic Child

Role of the father is very much important like the mother in the development of their autistic children as both of them have unique skills and strengths. We cannot expect their proper development if both of them are not ...
Special child Mahi with Hashem Khan

Special Children's Talents delineated in ShilpoProbha

A group of special children has exhibited their talents by drawing few amazing artworks for the anniversary issue of the fine arts magazine, ShilpoProbha. They have shown that the special children of the society are also ...
Quotes about Rainbow

Best 50+ Quotes about Rainbow

Many writers have written many quotes about rainbow due to its panoramic view. The natural beauty of the rainbow provides enormous resources to the writers. The rainbow in the cloudy blue sky also attracts eyesight of the nature lovers.  I have collected some ...
Children with special needs

Taking Care of the Children with Special Needs

Most of the children with special needs are neglected by the people especially in the third world countries though they are an integral part of the society. They are the gifted autism angels in the parents' life. The parents are ...
Autism Spectrum Therapies-Mahi

Effective Autism Spectrum Therapies for Your Children

Autism spectrum therapies are very much essential for the development of the children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) after they are diagnosed. The aim of providing autism spectrum therapies is to allow ...
Mahi on the day of autism diagnosis

Crucial Days of Mahi’s Autism Diagnosis at NIMHANS India

Mahi’s autism diagnosis was the greatest shocking news in our happy life. We could never imagine that he would remain disabled throughout his life. He was diagnosed with various features of Autism Spectrum ...

Autism Resources Information

Books on Autism

30+ Best Books on Autism Spectrum Disorders

Books on autism spectrum disorders are the best source of knowledge on autism. The Parents must read these books for development of their autistic children. In addition, the teachers, caregivers, and ...
Red Cross

Names, Addresses & Phone No. of Hospitals at Dhaka City

It is essential for all inhabitants of the City Corporation to know and preserve the name, address and phone number of all the hospitals at Dhaka city. In case of any accident, incident, and sickness it will be easier for everybody ...
Proyash Autism School, Rajshahi

Autism School and Resource Center in Bangladesh

Adequate autism school and resource centers with all facilities for the treatment and therapies are essential for the development of the autistic children. In the world, about 1% children suffer from autism. We assume ...

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10 Best Hammock Stands in 2018-Reviews

Hammock stands are the important part of hammocks to manufacture and repair a standard hammock for rest and recreation of the children and adults indoor or outdoor. The stand allows a bed made of canvas or rope mesh to suspend from two sides by cords.
1Play Platoon Tree Swing

10 Best Tree Swings under $100 in 2018-Reviews

Tree swings are the important items to provide amusement to the children in their home premises. It is a very favorite play to the children. Though there are challenges in building a tree swing it can be hung from tree branches more easily than the other ...

10 Best Balance Bikes for the Children in 2018-Reviews

Balance bikes are the excellent simple non-pedal bikes designed to teach the children how to steer and balance only on two wheels of the bike. With this bike, the riders are to move forward with their feet. It is used for running and gliding. It is also very much useful ...