Md Mahtazul Haque

Our autism angel Ferdous Mahi

Our Autism Angel

Ferdous Ara Lucy

I am Wing Commander (Retired) Md Mahtazul Haque, psc, a retired military officer and father of a 21 years old autistic child named Ferdous Mahi. My wife Ferdous Ara Lucy, a housewife, is a full-time guide to our autism angel to look after his every detail.

The aim of writing this blog is to share our knowledge and experiences of living with autism for long 21 years as Mahi’s  parents. We will also try to provide some guidelines (gathered from our experiences) to the parents of the autism identified children to uplift their morale and confidence.

I am not a doctor or specialist in autism or a technical expert in any field of mental health. As such it may not be possible on my part to advise any medicine or therapy but I will be able to share our all the good and bad experiences and thoughts which can pave the way to handle the gifted babies.

I have served in Bangladesh Air Force (BAF) for about 25 years and worked in the different appointment. I have undergone professional training in different countries like USA, UK, and China. I had been in the USA for 5 months, China for 6 months and DR Congo for 12 months at a stretch.

Besides BAF, I have also served in UN Organizations like UN Peacekeeping Mission, Food & Agricultural Organization in different capacities. I have also served in an Australian company.

I enjoy traveling and visited the USA, UK (twice), China (4 times), Thailand (twice), UAE (twice), Singapore, Japan, Hongkong, Sri Lanka, Uganda, Kenya, DR Congo, Pakistan, and India.

My basic educational qualification is:

  • MBA (Master in Business Administration) from American International University, Bangladesh
  • M. DS (Master in Defense Studies) from National University, Bangladesh
  • M. Sc in Applied Chemistry from University of Rajshahi, Bangladesh

Mahi is a mild autistic baby having Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) along with Attention Deficiency Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). The level of his intelligence is like a 6 years old boy. He does not understand good/bad, right/wrong, big/small. But he has achieved significant improvement in him with our utmost effort of nurturing him. Now, he can perform his personal job like personal hygiene, eat, going to school all by himself and some other his personal works. He has acquired knowledge of operating computer, browsing the internet and doing typing job (both in Bengali and English). He has a very good hand of art. Sometimes he shows activities like a super intelligent boy, and that is why autistic children are called differently disable child. We will discuss those in different articles.

Mahi has many achievements despite his autistic disability. Some of his achievements are mentioned below.

  • One of his artwork was beseemed in the Invitation card of the Honorable Prime Minister on the Autism Awareness Day, 2017. As such, he received grand reception by the RTV in a live program.
  • One of his artwork was beseemed in the Eid Card of the Honorable Prime Minister in the year 2017. He was awarded an honorarium of Tk. One Lac by the Honorable Prime Minister. He was also given a grand reception by the Proyash authority.
  • One of his beautiful artwork was published on the cover page of the annual magazine of Proyash  ‘Protiva’ in the year 2017.
  • One of his excellent artwork was published in the renowned fine art magazine of the country named ‘ShilpoProbha’. He was awarded a beautiful medal and a good amount of honorarium. That artwork was sold at a good price through an open auction.

Lucy, my wife is a full-time housewife and looks after Mahi for 24 hours 7 days a week. Though she was University student, she could not complete her study and did not go for any job rather dedicated herself for the development of our only son to bring him in the normal stream of life. Mahi does not understand the benefit of study in his life yet he has passed Junior School Certificate (JSC) Examination by the wholehearted effort of his mother. Lucy’s contribution in all respect is beyond any explanation.

Autism has become an integral part of our lives and we have taken it as passion. We are committed to help our autistic son and thereby all the parents of the world like us in any way possible on our part and bring some improvement in the life of the disable or differently able children and their parents. If the people affected by autism can extract something out of our writings, it will be our achievement.

From Left : Moutushi (Our daughter), Mahi, Lucy and Baquy (Our Son-in-law)