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How to Utilize Talents and Skills of Autistic Individuals

Most of the individuals with autism have some latent talents and skills in some particular fields. The parents need to find out and utilize those latent talents and skills to make them self-dependent. If the talents of the autistic children can be spotted properly, they can be made trained to sharpen their skills to make them outstanding in that field. Autism individuals are also very much effective to their jobs if they are motivated to do it. They can perform any work like a robot. So, if we can engage them in their preferred jobs, they can definitely perform exceptionally well as they are never dishonest, insincere or deceitful.

Friendship in the Life of an Autistic Individual

Friendship is an essential part of human life. Every individual needs friends to pass their life as a social entity. But my autistic child Mahi, like many other autistic individuals, is incapable of making and maintaining friendship. He always remains busy in his own world which is one of the main traits of the autistic individuals. We understand, Mahi also enjoys the friendship, but does not know how to make friends and to reciprocate different activities of a friend. It is the responsibility of the parents, teachers, and caregivers to improve their capability of making and maintaining friends, improving socialization to achieve a significant development in learning.

Baromile Massacre during the Liberation War of Bangladesh

Baromile massacre was one of the brutal mass killings by the Pakistan Army at the onset of the liberation war of Bangladesh. On May 26, 1971, 17 (seventeen) innocent inhabitants of the two villages, Bidirpur and Sekherpara were brutally killed by the Pakistan Army without any reason. On that day, the air of the villages Bidirpur and Sekherpara became so heavy that it was very difficult to take the normal breath by the villagers. My 16 years old able-bodied and handsome elder brother ‘Bablu’ was one of the victims of the massacre. Their fault was only becoming ‘bangali’. This Bangladesh is the outcome of my brother’s red colored blood.

Best Books on Autism Spectrum Disorders

Books on autism spectrum disorders are the best source of knowledge on autism. The Parents must read these books for development of their autistic children. In addition, the teachers, caregivers, and siblings of autistic children would read these books on autism to have in-depth knowledge on autism spectrum disorders for the management and development of the autistic children. Then it will be easier for all of them to handle these children. Here, the name of few essential books on autism is given below.

Role of the Father in the Development of Autistic Child

Role of the father is very much important like the mother in the development of their autistic children as both of them have unique skills and strengths. We cannot expect their proper development if both of them are not involved actively. In most of the cases, it has been found that only mothers are involved in nurturing the autistic children. In the third world countries, the fathers think that they have the responsibility of only earning money for the family and looking after outside activities. But the mothers are solely responsible for the development of the children, cooking foods and looking after the household matters.

Names, Addresses & Phone No. of Hospitals at Dhaka City

It is essential for all inhabitants of the City Corporation to know and preserve the name, address and phone number of all the hospitals at Dhaka city. In case of any accident, incident, and sickness it will be easier for everybody to rush directly to the hospital or contact to the hospital if the correct address of the nearest hospital is known to everybody. Everybody should preserve the address and phone number of the nearest hospital. Hence, the names, addresses and phone numbers of the hospitals at Dhaka city are given below as per alphabetical order.

Autism School and Resource Center in Bangladesh

Adequate autism school and resource centers with all facilities for the treatment and therapies are essential for the development of the autistic children. In the world, about 1% children suffer from autism. We assume the figure would be more than that in our country, Bangladesh. But the sufficient number of good quality autism school and resource centers are not available in the country to accommodate the huge number of autistic children of the society. Most of the autism school does not have enough facilities for effective treatment and therapies.

Special Children’s Talents delineated in ShilpoProbha

A group of special children has exhibited their talents by drawing few amazing artworks for the anniversary issue of the fine arts magazine, ShilpoProbha. They have shown that the special children of the society are also capable of flourishing their dormant intellects if they are given opportunity. ShilpoProbha is a fine arts magazine which is published annually. The magazine contains the artworks of the renowned and promising artists of the country. This year, its  5th Anniversary issue is published on the creative artworks of the Special Children.

Best 50+ Quotes about Rainbow

Many writers have written many quotes about rainbow due to its panoramic view. The natural beauty of the rainbow provides enormous resources to the writers. The rainbow in the cloudy blue sky also attracts eyesight of the nature lovers.  I have collected some of those quotes about rainbow from different sources like books and writings of different famous writers and shown here for the rainbow lovers.

Taking Care of the Children with Special Needs

Most of the children with special needs are neglected by the people especially in the third world countries though they are an integral part of the society. They are the gifted autism angels in the parents’ life. The parents are never responsible for the disabilities of those children. Even though the people of the society cannot accept them cordially and the parents are blamed by the society people for their unexpected disability.