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Effective Autism Spectrum Therapies for Your Children

Autism spectrum therapies are very much essential for the development of the children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) after they are diagnosed. The aim of providing autism spectrum therapies is to allow the autistic children a better life leading to their self-dependent as far as possible. Once a child is diagnosed with autism, the first thing the parents need to know what are the therapies are to be started immediately for the rapid development their child.

Mahi on the day of autism diagnosis

Crucial Days of Mahi’s Autism Diagnosis at NIMHANS India

Mahi’s autism diagnosis was the greatest shocking news in our happy life. We could never imagine that he would remain disabled throughout his life. He was diagnosed with the various features of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) along with Attention Deficiency Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) by a group of specialist in the National Institute of Mental Health And Neuro Sciences (NIMHANS) at Bangalore, India in the year 2000. I think those days were most crucial in our family life.

Mahi in article Types of Autism

Different Types of Autism Spectrum Disorders

Types of autism spectrum disorders depend upon the different criteria of autism and its severity that prevails within the autistic children. The researchers found out 5 major types of autism spectrum disorders which are Asperger’s Syndrome, Pervasive Developmental Disorder-Not Otherwise Specified (PDD-NOS), Autistic Disorders, Childhood Disintegrative Disorders (CDD) and Rett’s Syndrome. These 5 types of autism were shown in the fourth version of Diagnostic and Statistic Manual until May 2013.

Autism Parents

Tips for Autism Parents for Development of their Child

Autism parents have to face great challenges of performing the responsibility of parenting their autistic child throughout their life as it is a lifelong developmental disability. Parenting autistic individual is the most difficult task on the planet, but the parents do not have any alternative without doing it. For parenting such individual you have to be the parent, teacher, trainer, doctor, psychologist, therapist everything your child needs for his/her development.

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100 Best Autism Quotes For The Parents

Many great people are conducting researches and writing books on autism as a part of their study and research. Some of their autism quotes have been using for the inspiration of the parents of the autistic individuals. Here I would like to mention some of the best autism quotes of the different famous writer. It will help the parents of the autistic children to learn many important things and will act as a source of inspiration.

Mahi has overcome his sleep problems

Management of Sleep Problems of Autistic Individuals

Sleep problems are very common in the autistic individuals. Researchers found that about 40%-80% of children with autism have sleep difficulty at night. They either do not sleep most of the time at night or wake up after sleeping sometimes at the first half of the night and never sleep again. Some autistic individuals go to sleep late and do not get up from the sleep in the early morning.

Mahi is rolling eyeballs, which is characteristics of autism

Identify Characteristics of Autism in Your Child

The major characteristics of autism are behavior problems, communication problems, social interaction problems and sensory sensitivity problems. These characteristics of autism prevail in the children as a spectrum which includes a wide range of disorders. As such it is called autism spectrum disorders (ASD). The characteristics of autism and the severity of the autistic individuals vary widely across these four core areas.

Eid Card for Eid Celebration

Eid Celebration by the Autistic Children

Eid celebration by the autistic children may not be full of enjoyment and happiness like the normal children of the society due to their limitations and challenges. All children of the Muslim religion wait for this Eid day as they receive lots of dresses and gifts from their parents and the relatives during the Eid festival to celebrate the Eid festival as per their desire. But the autism children have to depend solely on their parents for Eid celebration.

My autism angel in puberty

Support Autism Girls and Boys during Puberty

Autism girls and boys become very anxious and frightened when they reach their puberty level. This is a new course of their life to become adults. The parents of the autism children have a very big role to play during this transition period of their autism girls and boys. They are to provide extra support to them in every step so that they can remain calm and quiet and handle the situation effectively and efficiently.

My autism angel is playing with fire

Autism Safety Guide to Protect Autistic Children

An effective autism safety guide is essential for the parents to protect their autistic children at different adverse situations as the autistic individuals are not capable of ensuring their own safety. Most of the autism individuals cannot perceive the potential threats, assess the risks, understand the consequences of threats and do not know how to protect themselves from those threats.

My autism angels Photo

Effects of Autism on the Family

Effects of autism on the family are terrible considering the different behavioral problems of the autistic children. Autism can completely change the lifestyle of a family. A family, having an autistic child, cannot run in its own course as per plan of the family members. The autism angel dictates the ways of living for the whole family. Most of the family members have to be involved with the autistic child.

Perfectionist Autism Angel

My Perfectionist Autism Angel

My perfectionist autism angel is my autistic son Ferdous Mahi. Most of the autistic individuals are like the angels who all are blessed with autism. They are so innocent that they are never dishonest, cheater, selfish, mean, immoral, greedy, jealous, and critical like us. They do not know how to commit a crime, offense, fraudulent or cheat and deceive others which are done by us regularly.  So, I call them as perfectionist autism angel.

My Autism Angel

Autistic Children Behavior Problems

Autistic children behavior is affected by different kinds of problems since their early childhood. There are four major behavior problems: excessive tantrum, self-stimulation, attention deficiency, and motivational problem. These are the root causes of all developmental disorders of the autistic children. Most of these problems become prominent in a child in the age between 3-6 years.

My autism angel in his school

Schooling of the autistic children

Schooling of the autistic children is a big problem for their parents in the third world countries, especially in Bangladesh. There are few special schools in our country but the numbers are meager in comparison with the number of students. These special schools generally impart behavioral and vocational training and some special therapies to the special needs students.

Child Autism Angel

Developmental Disorders of a Child with Autism

A child with autism experiences different kinds of developmental disorders at the early stage of his/her childhood. Our autism angel Ferdous Mahi was not an exception to it. But we were late to identify the disorders earliest in his childhood as we were not familiar with the terms Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and the corresponding developmental disorders.

My autism angel is receiving a memento from RTV

Autism Day and Success Story of Our Autism Angel

Autism is a kind of lifelong developmental disability which can completely change the lifestyle of a family. The individuals with autism do not only suffers themselves but engage other members of the family into their every step of life. My only son Ferdous Mahi, though a boy with autism, has made a success story in his life defeating all his limitations and disabilities. So I call him as my autism angel.