Special Children’s Talents delineated in ShilpoProbha

A group of special children has exhibited their talents by drawing few amazing artworks for the anniversary issue of the fine arts magazine, ShilpoProbha. They have shown that the special children of the society are also capable of flourishing their dormant intellects if they are given opportunity. ShilpoProbha is a fine arts magazine which is published annually. The magazine contains the artworks of the renowned and promising artists of the country. This year, its  5th Anniversary issue is published on the creative artworks of the Special Children.

Mahi with Hashem Khan at special children

Now a day, the special needs children have started showing their intelligence in different fields in the society with the patronization of the government and some generous people of the society. The Society for Promotion of Bangladesh Art (SPBA) has come forward to assist the special needs children in utilizing their dormant talents and recognizing them as an important part of the society through their annual magazine ShilpoProbha. The society, this time has involved itself in some kinds of social works with the special children as part of their social responsibility.

SPBA, this year organized a 2-days art camp named ‘Proyash-ShilpoProbha Art Camp 2017’ on August 22-23, 2017. The special children of Proyash displayed their beautiful artworks in the camp in presence of the renowned artists of the country like Hashem Khan, Farida Zaman, Shamsuddoha, Ranjit Das, Konok Chapa Chakma and others. Mrs. Soma Huq, Chief Patron of Proyash Institute of Special Education, Mr. Anjan Chowdhury, Chairman of SPBA and Publisher of ShilpoProbha, Mr. Elthem B. Kabir, Member of the Board of Governors of SPBA, Brigadier General Ibne Fazal Shayekhuzzaman, BSP, SGP, AFWC, PSC, Colonel Md. Shahidul Alam, Chief Executive and Principal of Proyash were also present at Proyash, Dhaka Cantonment during the art camp.

Art Camp of special children

Shilpoprova on special childrenMy son Ferdous Mahi participated in the art camp along with some other students of Proyash and drew a beautiful artwork named ‘Bengali Baul’. He drew the art on the pastel color media. The theme of Mahi’s artwork was ‘Bengali Baul’. Baul song is very popular in the country. In the artwork, he has tried to show that a baul singer is performing song along with his ektara, a traditional instrument for baul song. It is an excellent artwork which has perfectly depicted the Bengali culture and tradition. The balanced tone of the color has made it a unique piece of artwork. About 50 selected students of Proyash participated in the days’ long art camp. The famous artists of the country were astonished witnessing the creativity of the handicap boys and girls.

It may be mentioned here that this year (2017) my autistic son Ferdous Mahi has received Tk. One lac from the Honorable Prime Minister of Bangladesh as the honorarium for drawing an excellent artwork for publishing in her Eid greeting card. The Proyash authority also honored him giving a warm reception in a mass gathering of the parents of the special children. Mahi has a rich treasure of artworks which can be seen in his art gallery. This is the expression of his dedication and hard work overcoming his autistic disability.

Mahi with his art at special childrenAfter completion of the art camp, the Board of Governors of SPBA scrutinized all the artworks drawn by the special children and selected best 50 art pieces with the help of the renowned artists of the country for publishing in the Anniversary issue of ShilpoProbha. 14 other artworks of the reputed artists of the country were also published in the magazine. By this way, a complete and profound fine arts magazine was published to recognize the greatest artworks of the special children. It helps to encourage the special needs children to utilize their dormant talents and to create awareness among the people of the society. The SPBA authority also deserves applause and appreciation for coming forward to bring the neglected segment of the children of the society into the limelight and creating the opportunity for them.

Mahi with his madel at special childrenMahi with his artwork in Special childrenOn November 11, 2017, the Board of Governors of SPBA arranged a grandeur ceremony at Baridhara, Dhaka in honor of the special children. In the program, all participants children of the art camp were awarded beautiful medal for their extraordinary performance in drawing the artworks. They were also given a lump sum remuneration for their good works as a source of inspiration. They also organized an art exhibition and art auction with the beautiful artworks of the special needs children and the professional artworks of the renowned artists of the country which was beseemed in the magazine ShilpoProbha. It is a matter of great pride that all the artworks were so eye-catching that those were sold at very high prices. The art-loving people of the society participated in the auction. All the artworks were sold at very good prices. The entire funds collected through the auction were donated to Proyash.

Mrs. Soma Huq, Chief Patron of Proyash Institute of Special Education, Mr. Anjan Chowdhury, Chairman of SPBA and Publisher of ShilpoProbha, Mr. Elthem B. Kabir, Member of the Board of Governors of SPBA, Brigadier General Ibne Fazal Shayekhuzzaman, BSP, SGP, AFWC, PSC, Colonel Md. Shahidul Alam, Chief Executive and Principal of Proyash, the special children artists along with their parents and the distinguished people of the society were also present during the ceremony.

ShilpoProbha authority is doing excellent work to encourage the backward children of the society to make them self-dependent and make the people of the society aware of autism. The special and attractive features of the magazine was an interview with Saima Wazed Hossain who is currently the Chairperson of the Bangladesh National Advisory Committee for Autism and Neurodevelopmental disorders and Chairperson of Suchona Foundation.  She has been recently appointed as WHO’s Goodwill Ambassador for Autism in the South-East Asia region.

This ceremony reminds us that a few years back Mahi’s one beautiful artwork was presented by himself to the famous lady Saima Wazed Hossain, the daughter of the Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. As such the memorable photograph is attached herewith.

Mahi is presenting his artwork

The Anniversary issue of ShilpoProbha has shown everybody that the special children are no more neglected in the society. They are capable of producing excellent artworks side by side with the normal people of the society. If they are given the opportunity, they are capable of proving their worth as an asset of the society. We want more works of this nature to create awareness in the society to pave the way for the special children to make them self-dependent.

Like SPBA, all other capable organizations of the society would be generous to come forward to perform this type of noble work to encourage the special children of the society and help them standing their own feet utilizing their dormant talents.