In this page, I  would like to provide information on different resources of autism and special needs which will help the visitors to develop their disabled children. Besides, the other persons related to special needs children like parents, caregivers, teachers and the therapists will also be benefited out of this page.

Books on Autism

Best Books on Autism Spectrum Disorders

Books on autism spectrum disorders are the best source of knowledge on autism. The Parents must read these books for development of their autistic children. In addition, the teachers, caregivers, and siblings of autistic children would read these books on autism to have in-depth knowledge on autism spectrum disorders for the management and development of the autistic children. Then it will be easier for all of them to handle these children. Here, the name of few essential books on autism is given below.

Hospitals @ Dhaka City

Names, Addresses & Phone No. of Hospitals at Dhaka City

It is essential for all inhabitants of the City Corporation to know and preserve the name, address and phone number of all the hospitals at Dhaka city. In case of any accident, incident, and sickness it will be easier for everybody to rush directly to the hospital or contact to the hospital if the correct address of the nearest hospital is known to everybody. Everybody should preserve the address and phone number of the nearest hospital. Hence, the names, addresses and phone numbers of the hospitals at Dhaka city are given below as per alphabetical order.

Autism School and Resource Center in Bangladesh

Adequate autism school and resource centers with all facilities for the treatment and therapies are essential for the development of the autistic children. In the world, about 1% children suffer from autism. We assume the figure would be more than that in our country, Bangladesh. But the sufficient number of good quality autism school and resource centers are not available in the country to accommodate the huge number of autistic children of the society. Most of the autism school does not have enough facilities for effective treatment and therapies.

Different Acts and Resolutions for the Protection of the Children with Autism:

  •  UN Resolution (62/139) on World Autism Awareness Day – Download
  • The Children Act, 2013 (Bengali version) – Download
  • The Right and Protection of Persons with Disability Act, 2013 (Bengali version) – Download
  • The Protection Trust for the Persons with Neuro-Developmental Disabilities Act, 2013 (Bengali version) – Download

Different Ministries of Bangladesh Working on Autism: